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Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek

(1840 – 1912)

Johannes Hermanus Barend Koekkoek was born in Amsterdam on 16th July 1840 and died in Hilversum on 24th January 1912.

J H B Koekkoek was born into the famous Koekkoek family.  He mainly studied under his Father, Hermanus Koekkoek Snr, who was the fourth son of J H Koekkoek and the younger brother of Barend Cornelius Koekkoek.

J H B Koekkoek became a very well known painter of landscapes and marine scenes in his own right and was a member of the Amsterdam Academy of Art.  He lived and worked in Amsterdam in 1859, on the Nieuwer-Amstel between 1860 and 1864 and thereafter moved to Hilversum, where he eventually died.

He exhibited in Hilversum in 1910 and received an honour and distinction for the work that he exhibited there.  He was commissioned successfully throughout his life and earned his living both through this and through his success at public exhibitions. 

Although J H B Koekkoek followed in the footsteps of his other famous relations in painting landscapes, river scenes and estuary subjects, his early works were traditionally painted in the late 18th Century to early 19th Century styles. As his career and age progressed, especially in his larger canvases, the content and composition remained traditional.  He evolved into an artist who painted with wondrous lighting and subtle colours and his style became a little looser although still giving the impression of an observation to detail.  As a result, he often portrayed scenes of great vivacity however, tempered with a mellow and soft colouring and style.  Although perhaps lesser known in his day than some of his more famous relations, his works can be considered to be amongst the finest works of art of their period and time.  He is a true member of the Dutch Romantic period.  Examples of his work can be found in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam Museums.

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